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TUNA-ORG: A joint website for Tuna RFMOs
UNFSA Fund: A fund created under the UN Fish Stocks Agreement to provide assistance
ASFA access to LIFDC: Project to supply the ASFA database (free of charge) to low income food deficit countries
FIRMS: Fishery Resources Monitoring System

Tuna Regional Fishery Management Organizations

Fishery Research and Management Organizations (National and International)

Relevant International Agreements

International organizations, particularly the United Nations, have negotiated various agreements that are relevant to the management of tuna and tuna-like fisheries.
Some of these are:

Various Offices and Laboratories in Contracting Parties and Cooperating Entities


Fisheries Research/Assessment and Education

Software, Statistics

Advocacy: Fishing Industry / Conservation / Trade

Oceanographic- Climate

Search Engines

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